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Annmarie Skin Care’s challenge is common and is experienced by e-commerce shops across the spectrum: while relying on 3rd party applications provides quick access to the functionality necessary to run its shop, it creates scattered environments of data that make it difficult to gather meaningful insights.


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Companies like Modern Niagara send out hundreds of proposals and bids each year to prospective customers. This process is often managed manually across multiple spreadsheets, making it difficult to achieve full oversight of the sales funnel. This often translates to a lack of visibility and missed opportunities…

Hotels & Hospitality

360° Hotel Group relied on their existing Financial and CRM system to generate reporting that was inefficient and lacked the analytical depth to help them make informed decisions. Realizing their analytics and reporting infrastructure required a makeover…

Wholesale Distribution

What AWD needed was 21st century answers to a complex 21st century question. Quarterly P&L reports simply did not make the cut. It left many questions unanswered – what is the net profit on each item or branch? Who are our top sales execs? Who are our top customers and how much profit are we generating from them?…

Subscription Retention

For Muscle Innovations, this challenge results in an inability to answer some core questions about its subscription offering 1) How long does it take for its subscriptions to become profitable? 2) What is their subscription retention rate? 3) What is their subscription Lifetime Value?…

Artificial Intelligence

E-commerce companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to drive revenue growth. One of the most common ways to do this is by running marketing campaigns. However, determining which customers to target with campaigns is often time consuming, manual, and based on messy data…